Truth and Transformation

Bringing Nations to a new flourishing through education that is based on a biblical worldview

About us

Our Vision: 

 We want to redeem education from secularism and restore it to the Christian church within an eco-system of Veritas and Virtues iorder to disciple future generations so that they may  know the truth and do God’s will on earth.  


We are a German registered charity since July 2020, called Truth and Transformation e.V.  Our connection to Revelation Movement and its founder Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi as well as many other organizations globally is part of our identity. 


This website is obviously new and in the process of growing over the next weeks and months. We will continually add material, links, videos and provide you with helpful resources. 

Want to help?

To accomplish our goal we need many many friends and helpers. Want to join us?


We do a Corona Live Discussion bi-weekly to reflect on what the Christian Mind has to contribute to the global pandemic.

In the  YouTube Channel you will also find other interesting video content around the topic of worldview education. 


Reading and learning from Vishal Mangalwadi has been the most enlightening encounter and experience I had in the last decades. 

Andreas Wieland, President Truth and Transformation